VidDancer VST Free For Linux

A native VST3 plug-in developed in Ubuntu 18.04 and tested with Ardour, Bitwig Studio, Renoise and Reaper.

System Requirements

64-bit Linux distribution
64-bit host DAW with support for Steinberg VST3 effect plug-ins
MESA OpenGL 2.0 or later

Host Specific Notes and 'Gotchas'

Ardour and Mixbus - In these DAWs native Linux plug-ins are referred to as 'lxVST' or 'linuxVST'.

Bitwig and Renoise - Both these DAWs have options to run VST plug-ins inside an independent host process (sandbox). This should not normally be necessary, but is an option if there are any problems of incompatibility with other plug-ins. This is also a workaround if you want to run multiple instances (see below).

Multiple Instances - The Linux version of VidDancer VST is not able to run more than one instance of the plug-in.

Synchronisation in Bitwig Studio - The Linux distribution includes the Bitwig specific java extension VidPlayTransportNotifier.bwextension discussed here: Bitwig Page

NVIDIA OpenGL graphics with ArchLinux - VidDancer VST is not compatible with the closed-source proprietary OpenGL library supplied with NVIDIA graphics drivers. If your Linux machine has a NVIDIA graphics card you may need to install the open source 'Nouveau' graphics driver. This provides a bridge from MESA OpenGL to the NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU).
Command line tool 'glxinfo' can be used to determine the installed version of OpenGL...
glxinfo | grep "version string"

Download (Link opens Google Drive page. Click on download symbol.)

If you like the plug-in please contribute to the development effort by buying the Windows or OSX version.


VidDancer for Linux is distributed as a self-extracting archive Download it and then in your desktop file manager right-click on the file name. Select 'Properties->Permissions' and check 'Allow executing file as program'. Close the Properties panel and double-click on the file name. Choose 'Run' and enter your [sudo] password when prompted.

If you prefer, you can run it in a Terminal as follows...
cd /folder/where/you/saved/the/file
/bin/sh ./

The installer puts the plug-in shared folder VidDancer.vst3 in folder /usr/lib/vst3

The following required libraries are copied into folder /usr/share/viddancer

A 'resources' folder is copied into /usr/share/viddancer

The installer also creates folder ~/VidDancer-Install-Extra ('~' means 'path to your $HOME folder') which contains DAW configuration instructions, project templates and the Bitwig specific java extension: VidPlayTransportNotifier.bwextension

After installation check that /usr/lib/vst3 is defined as a plug-in folder in your DAW. Instruct your DAW to re-scan the plug-in folders.